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Care Informatics Lab, located in 3007 at Clendenin@KSU, is established in 2021 by Dr. MinJae Woo,

Assistant Professor of Data Science at the KSU School of Data Science and Analytics. 

We aim to develop novel and efficient solutions addressing various challenges in healthcare data science and informatics, devoting ourselves to supporting clinicians at the front line of patient care.


Currently, our primary areas of focus include:

  • Abnormality Detection in Medical Imaging

  • Bias and Disparities in AI Applications

  • Tabular Data Analytics in Healthcare

  • Human-vs-AI Inter-observer Variability



At Care Informatics Lab, we are heavily dedicated to interdisciplinary undergraduate research training in a wide array of areas encompassing data science and statistics, computer science, health science, and many others.

We accept only the best of the best undergraduate students from across the KSU campus. Our students make real contributions to our lab’s cutting-edge technologies. 


We are a part of the KSU School of Data Science and Analytics and its vision:

"The School of Data Science and Analytics prepares the next generation of practitioners and researchers for a data-centric world by bringing together interdisciplinary faculty from across Kennesaw State University with collaborative partners in the public and private sectors."

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